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Our Covid-19 Promise

At Njabulo Africa, we follow the strict guidelines as set out by the South African Department of Health. Our products and Services are compliant with the WHO and CDC industry recommended standards. Let’s beat Covid-19 together!

Everything will be okay in the end.

Why choose us?

In terms of our quality, over the years we have learnt that it is not only price that is important. But, more so quality. Our beautiful country and the world at large is in a very fragile state due to Covid 19 and since we deal with Safety Products, quality is critical as the product is meant to keep the user (Healthcare Worker, Medics, Caregiver, Educators & Learners, Welder, Engineer, Site-Worker, Corporate Clients etc) safe. If same fails, there is a life at risk. So, we have taken a conscious decision to supply brands with integrity and also that are Globally Accepted. It is this approach that is earning Njabulo Manufacturing (Pty) Ltd a strong presence in the South African Market with both Public & Private Sector clients.